Alta Music Foundation

Alta Music Foundation supports the creation of wholistic music to assist physical health, emotional balance, and psychological vitality. Alta Music Foundation will empirically research the application of optimized sound and music toward healthy living. We will create an open collaborative environment with producers and musicians to produce, publish, and distribute their work with beauty, intelligence, and integrity. Our Vision is a world of music which inspires and empowers. The music of our future is natural and healthy to teach, learn, create, manufacture and distribute. By fulfilling our mission, we envision more joy and peace in our environments.  

Among our Key Goals:

codified methodologies for creation, production workflows, efficacy evaluation & certification, collaboration, teaching, and learning.


Areas of Research Include:

Planned Collaborations Include:

• Tuning • HeartMath
• Meter • One Love Fest
• Rhythm • Inner Peace Music
• Melody • Wisdom of the World
• Harmony • Soundings of the Planet
• Lyrics • Electronic Music Alliance
• Mnemonics • Sonic Butterfly Productions
• Ergonomics • Richard Merrick /
• ADSR Sound Envelopes • / c3: Center for Conscious Creativity
• Music Equipment Materials  

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